First, a couple of PSA’s: Anal sex should not be painful. No, enjoying anal sex doesn’t make someone gay. If you have no desire to try anal sex, don’t. Porn is a fantasy not technical training so put off edgier play until you have more experience. Okay, here we go.
The high concentration of nerve endings at the anus makes it an incredibly pleasurable zone.
The anus shares a wall between the prostate (male G-spot) and G-spot for females. Indirect stimulation of this erogenous wall during anal sex leads to more pleasure! Yum!
These tips are for the first-timers who have set aside the stigma and sexual folklore surrounding anal sex. You’re intrigued and have chosen to go forth and explore without fear of any tired taboos.
We’re also here for that friend-of-a-friend who tried anal sex in high school to disastrous results.
Either someone entered too fast, ouch! Or they did not use enough or any lubrication, hello! No, saliva is not a lubricant.

Clean up
This isn’t the spontaneous anal sex you see in porn; reality demands some preparation. Have some clean wipes handy and if you prefer to deep clean, there are two ways – anal douching or enema.
One very important caveat for the deep cleaners: leave time for your body to expel the excess water so it doesn’t come out during your big moment.

Double up on the regular dose of foreplay. Being one or two orgasms deep helps you relax and loosen up, which in turn helps your rear end to loosen up, thus lessening the likelihood of a difficult entry.

Lube, lube, lube..
Say it with me: More lube, better anal sex. More lube, better anal sex. While the vagina self-lubricates, the anus does not. Avoid oil lubricants, too much clean up. Stick to water-based or silicon-based. Note, silicon-based will last longer and will not dry up as fast. Alternatively, use lube you’re already familiar with and enjoy.

Positions, please
This is all about control – who is directing the play here. Girl-on-top allows you to control speed and depth of penetration; which is extremely important, especially for backdoor newbies.
On the other hand, doggie-style allows your partner easy entry but puts him in full control, which might not necessarily be the best for your first time. Spooning will give you both shared control of your movements and adds an extra touch of intimacy, which may help you relax as well.

No pressure
Easy does it! If you are not ready for a penis or a dildo to enter, begin with a finger. Get comfortable. Relax your muscles as much as possible. Let your butt sex-phobia go! If you are freaking out and about to go into panic mode – STOP. Remember, you are doing this for your own pleasure. Sex should be fun for all parties involved.

No, you’re not pooping
Initially, it feels like you want to poop, but you are not. Over time this feeling fades. Again, the trick is to relax, relax, relax.

Don’t double-dip
Bacteria from the anus can be very harmful to the vagina. Learn to say no to ass-to-vagina sex, unless you’re using a condom that you can change.

Sex is messy and sometimes air will get trapped. If this happens, you may experience the joy of butt farts.
If you despise it, hate it, feel disgusted – don’t do it! Despite anus being an erogenous zone, it is not for everyone!