If you’re even remotely considering getting into swinging — with your spouse, a significant other, or just that really cool friend with benefits you met on Tinder — here are a few things you should know before you get started.

Club or high-end party

It’s always advisable for first-timers to try to meet another couple in a large social setting for some maybe-possibly-we’re-not-really-sure-yet group sex. Not only do you guarantee your safety, but there are also other people to create a buffer and plenty of condoms (can never have enough of these).

Know thyself

Figure out what you like and what you don’t. Research on the different scenarios you and your partner can encounter. There are some situations you may not be used to, you should give them a try after they present themselves and see where you will reach.

Agree on the rules, but be open to change

Be specific with your partner, “handjobs are okay, but anal isn’t”. Depending on how comfortable either of you gets, be open to change.
That said, don’t assume your partner can read minds. Cannot over-emphasize on the need for constant communication.

Have realistic expectations

Evaluate your partner’s energy, evaluate your potential swingers energy. Things aren’t just guaranteed to happen just because you are at a swingers club/swingers event. Be realistic with how you view going to these events.

Don’t over-imbibe

Imagine spending the whole week fantasizing about a threesome, getting to the point where it’ll actually happen, and then realizing that you drank too much to do anything about it. Either you get a whiskey dick or you risk being a dick.

Yes, you may need a drink or two to get used to the idea of swinging, but don’t sabotage your next invite by getting drunk.

Don’t play chicken

You should be free with your partner in the swing lifestyle event. Don’t try to play mind games where you wait to see how far your partner can go before committing to a scene. Other swingers will easily notice your reservations and quickly exit the scene. Remember, swinging is all about adventure and fun.

Hygiene and personal grooming

It goes without saying, always ensure your privates are well-groomed and clean. Regular intake of yogurt and water will keep your essence fresh, and if you want to taste sweet have a pineapple beforehand. In case you smoke, try to have a mint or gum to avoid the bad smell.


Agree with your partner on a signal or word to use should you feel uncomfortable. As you exit a scene, try to do it politely to avoid creating a scene or making the other couple uncomfortable.


Imagine a quarterly conference call at the office where your entire team looks at what it’s accomplished, what worked, and what didn’t, do the same with your partner after EVERY time you swing. The conversation will allow you to discuss the experience and figure out if rules need to be changed or added, or if there are different things you’d both like to try next time.

Article provided by Agency Barracuda